Placenta Capsule MD+ from Japan

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Placenta Capsule MD+ from Japan

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Main Benefits of Placenta Supplement

1)Cellular Regeneration (Promotes Basic Metabolism)

Placenta plays a crucial role in foetus development. Through its delivery of nutrients and oxygen, it promotes the growth of foetus by multiplying a cell of the fertilised egg from one cell to 60 trillion cells!! This is why placenta could serve to enhance cell metabolism in our body.

2) Control (Adjustment of Body Balance)

You can revitalise and anti-age at the whole body and cellular level. The placenta works to grow the foetus through repeating fine adjustments. Therefore, it has the function to adjust balance of autonomic nerves and hormone secretion to the best condition.

 3) Amazingly Rich in Nutrients

Placenta is loaded with major nutrients, essential vitamins, minerals etc. that are required by our body. It provides a well-balanced nutrition to support the normal development, vitality and healthy functioning of the overall body.