Denti Fresh Oral Probiotic 30 tablets


Denti Fresh Oral Probiotic 30 tablets

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Korean Patented Oral Probiotics: OMULATM 5%

  • Composition containing Lactobacillus fermentum OK and Lactobacillus gasseri HHuMIN D strains that help to improve, prevent cum treat bad breath/tooth decay.
  • L. fermentum OK and L. gasseri HHuMIN D have been certified by Korean Patents.
  • Core ingredient OMULATM reduces the habitat of harmful bacteria in the mouth and the adhesion of *biofilm, as well as inhibit its formation to improve cleanliness and freshness.

*Biofilm = Dental Plaque, which can lead to dental caries and bad breath.


Sugar Free Recipe

  • Contains 25% xylitol which improves oral health
  • Can be taken before bedtime
  • Safe for children’s consumption

Refreshing Breath Care

  • Invigorate your mood with the mint/grape flavor
  • Get rid of stinky breath
  • No harmful ingredients

Recommended for people:

  • People who have unpleasant mouth odour/taste upon waking up
  • Individual with dry mouth condition
  • People whose breath does not feel refreshed even after thorough teeth brushing
  • Children who have difficulty brushing teeth