About Us

Mom Essentials

A local start-up, Mom Essentials’ journey to premium skincare began humbly in year 2004. Adopting an ethical approach to business, its founder aims to promote healthy living through meticulous selection of quality body/hair/skin/oral care and wellness products.

Having anchored its flagship store at Singapore KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, the outlet served as a showcase for its products, educating and sharing valuable tips and info with customers on parenting, good hygiene, grooming, healthy ageing, mental and general wellness. In the decade after, and with the opening of several more outlets, Mom Essentials grew alongside its pool of loyal customers, rapidly establishing itself within Singapore in a niche market catering to young parents and their brood, PMET (professionals, managers, executives and technicians), homemakers, as well as our dear silver generation - the Pioneers and Merdekas....

Our team of dedicated staff carefully source for products from probity suppliers in different countries, ensuring a good variety that meets safety standards. Our staff also treasure relationships develop in the cause of our business and are fully committed to providing quality service to our customers.

Presently, Mom Essentials has remodelled itself into a virtual store capitalising on e-commerce so customers can browse and shop with us 24/7, anywhere, anytime. This effort has also helped streamline cost, allowing us to keep product pricing affordable. Happy customers will continue and remain to be our greatest motivation to search for new quality products. You deserve the best! Pleasant shopping with us...... our amazing merchandise awaits you.